Explore the nature you love on #WorldEnvironmentDay

Help build the world’s largest nature database. Get acquainted with your neighbours and explore the amazing species in your everyday world!


Contribute to Science

Nature is changing quickly around us. To help keep track of our precious wildlife, we’re asking people to get out and record the wonders of biodiversity in their own backyards. We’ve partnered with the iNaturalist global network to tally and record all our observations. From the rarest butterfly to the most common weeds, we’ll share your findings with scientific data repositories to help scientists find and use your data. All you have to do is download the iNaturalist app and record your observations.

How It Works

  1. Download the iNaturalist app and make an account. (AndroidiPhone)
  2. Take photos to make observations of living things from nature.
  3. Upload your observations to share with the iNaturalist community.
  4. Learn more as the iNaturalist community identified what you found!

Click here to watch a video. All observations posted from 1-12 June will count towards the above tally.

Additional Resources

We have guides to learn about biodiversity all around the world. Whether you're exploring the Serengeti or just your local park (which might be the Serengeti), guides can help you make sense of our planet's stunning diversity of life. 

In our blog, you can also learn more about the impact of Citizen science: how to help protect the nature you connect with.

Get outside on #WorldEnvironmentDay and start exploring!

A guide on how to connect with nature and contribute to science toolkit