For World Environment Day, what action will you take to #BeatAirPollution? Share your pledge on social media with the hashtag #BeatAirPollution and #worldenvironmentday.

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Air pollution is a global emergency affecting everyone. It’s a silent killer with approximately 7 million people worldwide dying prematurely every year from air pollution. To help #BeatAirPollution I’m committed to planting more trees, planting more food in my garden and composting whenever I can. Check out the link in my bio to learn more about simple changes we can make in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce. Join me and @unenvironment for #WorldEnvironmentDay and share what you will do to beat air pollution. Let’s do this! ??? ?? A poluição do ar é uma emergência global que afeta a todos. E apesar de silencioso, mata prematuramente aproximadamente 7 milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo. Para ajudar a #combaterapoluiçãodoar, estou comprometida a plantar mais árvores, mais alimentos no meu jardim e a fazer compostagem sempre que possível. Confira o link na minha bio para saber mais sobre as mudanças simples que podemos fazer em nossa vida cotidiana para reduzir a quantidade de poluição do ar que produzimos. Junte-se a mim e ao @onu_meio_ambiente ambiente para #DiaMundialdoMeioAmbiente e compartilhe o que você fará para combater a poluição do ar. Vamos juntos !

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I’m wearing a mask to bring attention to the fact that 4.6 million people die each year from air pollution. ☁️ Worldwide, more deaths per year are linked to air pollution than to automobile accidents. The major source of air pollution is the transport industry. Air pollution disproportionately affects women, children, the elderly and low-income groups. Air pollution is a global public health emergency. In order to reduce air pollution, I commit to drive less, promote solar cooking, and use solar energy to power my house. I challenge @nineyardjourney @choosingearth @green.life.project @gretathunberg to do the mask challenge to improve air quality conditions in this ? #BeatAirPollution #WorldEnvironmentDay #maskchallenge #ecoliving #sustainableliving #sustainability #airpollution #solarcooking #environment @unenvironment

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#WorldEnvironmentDay is just 2 days away! How much do you know about air pollution? Tackling air pollution is not always easy, but breathing isn’t really a choice. This #WorldEnvironmentDay must mark a turning point for action to improve air quality, save lives and #BeatAirPollution. The Ho'me Campaign is still going strong . Over 12 schools with more than 5000 children to 6 communities center's. We have been travelling the length and breadth of Accra highlighting their roles and objective as well as showing them practical ways that can help them understand the benefits of quality air. The waste or createc team in collaboration with likeminded organisations like @Greengeneration, @emefaartworkshop @creativityexpress @ciyzoe_ghana @urban_brothers @misterwyets @agyemangduahphotography @greenwayinternational etc are taking it upon our selves to support the city to take action in mitigating the sources of pollution and greenhouse gases so as to improve public health and well-being, and contribute to reducing climate change. #beatairpollution #worldenvironmentday #children #future #action #humans #work

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Экология - одна из главных корпоративных ценностей нашей компании! Мы выступаем за экологичность во всем - от принципов производства до отношений между людьми. Мы выставляем велосипедные парковки, выращиваем экологически чистые овощи, мы всегда честны друг с другом - в нашем понимании это тоже про «эко». А ещё мы боремся за чистоту окружающей среды! В этом году мы поддержали акцию ООН ??, приуроченную ко Всемирному дню охраны окружающей среды. Наше мероприятие официально зарегистрировано! 5 июня силами сотрудников на территории ЭКТ будет высажен сад, который мы назвали Кушкульским. А сегодня в соответствии с регламентом мы приняли участие в челлендже «Ношение маски». Так мы объявляем #БойЗагрязнениюВоздуха. Так мы хотим рассказать о наших ценностях. Так мы появились на сайте ООН. И мы этим гордимся! #ВсемирныйДеньОкружающейСреды #жизньэкофермы

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I am wearing a mask to bring attention to the fact that globally, 93 percent of all children live in environments where air pollution levels are above WHO guidelines. This is deadly wrong. Why do we continue to let a few greedy billionaires profit while the planet dies? They pay off politicians who allow this to continue. You pay them by buying their products. If you agree join me in finding ways to combat air pollution EVERY SINGLE DAY by riding your bike, carpooling or taking public transportation. I challenge ALL of my friends on social media to help me #BeatAirPollution for children everywhere. #WorldEnvironmentDay is June 5 but it should be every day. Tag me with a post of what you will do to help stop air pollution! Let's see how many of you will do it! I’m watching! Post this photo and message to your page and tag me to show everyone you care more about the future of life on earth than just another selfie. ?? PLEASE CARE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN. @UNEnvironment #startwith1thing

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