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Мероприятия по случаю Всемирного дня окружающей среды

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Мероприятия по всему миру Всего мероприятий:

Отказ от ответственности

The designations employed and the presentation of the material on this map do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the United Nations or UN Environment concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

The sole purpose of this map is to display events held around the world in connection with the 2019 World Environment Day. Every effort has been made to ensure this map is free of errors, but there is no warranty that the map or its features are either spatially or temporally accurate or fit for any other use. This map is provided without any warranty of any kind whatsoever, either express or implied.

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