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World Environment Day saw events taking place across the globe, from the official celebrations in China to your own back yard. Our 24-hour live feed – full of articles, pictures, and videos – captured stories from villages, towns, cities, and countries joining the celebrations. Glimpse through the feed and browse through what people were doing to #BeatAirPollution.

We ran an English live feed which featured posts in Spanish, French, Portuguese and more.

Our live feed ran on 5 June, at 10:00 am Beijing, China (GMT +8) to 9:00 pm Quito, Ecuador and is now complete.


Canada hosted a series of Clean Air Day events on World Environment Day

The Government of Canada is taking action on air pollution to ensure that Canadians have clean air and a healthier environment. These include addressing air pollutants from outside our borders that impact Canadian air quality. Learn more about Clean Air Day!


Canada celebrates 50 years of monitoring and assessing air quality


Moms Clean Air Force's list of what to do to beat air pollution

Moms Clean Air Force is a United States non-profit that works to fight air pollution, uniting moms and dads to protect children's health.  On this World Environment Day, they remind us of 11 ways we can help beat air pollution.


Mexico stock exchange to phase out single-use plastics at its headquarters

The stock exchange in Mexico celebrated World Environment Day and pledged to phase out the use of single-use plastics at its headquarters.


Together we can Beat Air Pollution, says Joyce Msuya Acting Executive Director, UN Environment

“On this World Environment Day, I ask each of you to do what you can so that we can all breathe more easily. It is only by working together that will we solve this crisis. In my native Swahili, we say, ‘If a river is high, it is because other rivers have joined.’ Together we can Beat Air Pollution."

-- Joyce Msuya, Acting Executive Director, UN Environment


« En cette Journée mondiale de l'environnement, je demande à chacun de vous de faire ce que vous pouvez pour que nous puissions tous respirer plus librement. Ce n'est qu'en travaillant ensemble que nous pourrons résoudre cette crise. En swahili, ma langue maternelle, nous disons: 'Si une rivière est haute, c’est parce que d’autres rivières se sont jointes.' Ensemble, nous pouvons combattre la pollution atmosphérique. »

Joyce Msuya, directrice exécutive par intérim, ONU Environnement


“En este Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, les pido a cada uno de ustedes que hagan lo que puedan para que todos podamos respirar más fácilmente. Es solo trabajando juntos que resolveremos esta crisis. En mi nativo Swahili, decimos: 'Si un río es alto, es porque otros ríos se han unido'. Juntos podemos vencer la contaminación del aire ".

-- Joyce Msuya, Directora Ejecutiva Adjunta de ONU Medio Ambiente

Ai Pollution & Urban Health event discusses links between climate, health and building

Chile launches a national recycling campaign

The Minister of Environment of Chile launched today a national recycling campaign to celebrate World Environment Day. Chile will host the COP25 on climate change in December 2019.

The cheaper the fuels, the higher the costs

When people get sick, the entire community suffers. Ill people require medical care and medicine, children skip school and working adults miss days of work, either as a result of their own poor health, or to care for a loved one. According to the World Bank, air pollution costs the global economy more than US$5 trillion every year in welfare costs and $225 billion in lost income. But there is more: find out about five good reasons to reduce and eliminate air pollution from our lives.


Plus les carburants sont bon marché, plus les coûts sont élevés

Quand les gens tombent malades, toute la communauté en souffre. Les personnes malades ont besoin de soins médicaux et de médicaments, les enfants manquent l’école et les adultes qui travaillent pas manquent des journées de travail, soit à cause de leur santé, soit pour prendre soin d’un être cher. Selon la Banque mondiale, la pollution de l'air coûte chaque année plus de 5 000 milliards de dollars US à l'économie mondiale en termes de protection sociale et de 225 milliards de dollars en revenus perdus.

Mais il y a plus: voici cinq bonnes raisons de réduire et d'éliminer la pollution de l'air dans nos vies.


Cuanto más baratos sean los combustibles, mayores son los costes

Cuando la gente se enferma, toda la comunidad sufre. Las personas enfermas requieren atención médica y medicamentos, los niños faltan a la escuela y los adultos que trabajan pierden días de trabajo, ya sea por su mala salud o para cuidar a un ser querido. Según el Banco Mundial, la contaminación del aire le cuesta a la economía mundial más de US $ 5 billones cada año en costos de asistencia social y $ 225 mil millones en ingresos perdidos.

Pero hay más: descubra aquí cinco buenas razones para reducir y eliminar la contaminación del aire en nuestras vidas.


For the City of Miami, every day is World Environment Day, says City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell


Kenya's Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre for children celebrates World Environment Day

Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre, in Kenya, is a home to orphan, less fortunate and rescued street children. One of their objectives is to raise children's awareness of environmental sustainability and responsibility.

For World Environment Day they are planting trees, growing a vegetable patch, doing a garden project, as well as having a discussion and writing compositions on the importance of environmental conservation and protection including #BeatAirPollution.


Coral images courtesy of The Ocean Agency, USFWS, Coral Reef Image Bank, XL Catlin Seaview Survey